Professional Care

Our Care Is Designed To:

  • Prevent disease through instruction and education of the client and community.
  • Maintain the patient in the home setting in comfort and dignity.
  • Provide quality services at the lowest possible cost in order to make care accessible to the largest number of residents in our service area.
  • Assist patient in reaching the maximum level of independence.
  • Preserve health through assistance and instruction with health maintenance activities.
  • Before Home Care Services Are Initiated, The Field RN:

  • Performs an initial nursing assessment. This includes a complete health history, environment and psychosocial profile, and a review of systems. As a result of this process, the patient's problems needs, and concerns are identified.
  • Obtains the physician's plan of treatments.
  • Develops a care plan in accordance with the physician's instructions and with input from the patient and family / significant other.
  • Report and discusses findings and recommendations with the payer, case manager, or insurer to obtain approval of the care plan and ensure coordination of services.